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What is it?

It was known as the “mother of all grains” in the ancient Inca Empire for its nutritional value and healing properties. Quinoa is a grain-like crop considered a “superfood” by the FAO.

It is a complete protein source, filled with all the essential amino acids. Quinoa is gluten-free, has a low GI and is high in manganese, magnesium, lysine and iron.

Quinoa’s versatility is another reason why it’s so popular it can be enjoyed in salads, as a side or main dish, or even added it deserts and bakes.

Quinoa can be transformed into many different products, including quinoa flakes, quinoa flour, puffed quinoa, roasted quinoa, instant quinoa, etc.

It can also be used as an ingredient in soups, granola bars, cereals, cookies or crackers…the possibilities are just endless!



Quinoa grains

White, black, red quinoa and tricolor grains. Avaliable organic and conventional

Quinoa Flakes

Made of 100% quinoa grains. We freshly roll the grains to ensure flavor.

Quinoa Puffed

Finally a healthy breakfast cereal that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Puffed quinoa is made of 100% quinoa grains.

Quinoa Flour

The perfect replacement to wheat flour – gluten free, tasty and nutritious. Use it in your favourite bakes.