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Andes Mills is a peruvian agribusiness and agritrading company focused in exporting fruits, ancient grains and other superfoods.


Andes Mills is a family-owned agribusiness, focused on producing and commercializing organic fruits, ancient grains, aromatic herbs, and other super foods. Our growing facilities are located in the Lambayeque region in northern Peru, covering 1,100 hectares of irrigated farmland and in the Arequipa region in southern Peru, at 2,500 meters above sea level.

Our company strives to create long-term relationships with our clients, by creating market opportunities, providing high quality products and delivering a reliable service.

We pride ourselves on developing sustainable farming, reducing the impact on the environment and benefiting the local communities. We are committed to applying good agricultural practices, which are backed by our Global Gap certification; but overall, we are passionate about cultivating a healthier world!

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We develop productive chains in different areas of Peru to ensure the supply of our products year round

Vicente Medina - Productor de quinoa en Viraco, Arequipa, Perú.